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Webinar: The Cross-Dictionary Sense Linking Platform at Oxford Languages

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The Cross-Dictionary Monolingual Sense Linking system (XD-MoSeLink) is a platform for linking dictionaries at the sense level developed at Oxford Languages. It is a suite of tools consisting of: XD-BaSeLink: A basic system for linking senses from a monolingual and a bilingual dictionary XD-QualE: A system for estimating the quality…

Multilingual Knowledge Graphs for Knowledge Management Across Sectors

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This is the first part of a webinar series giving insights into the ongoing developments by the Prêt-à-LLOD project.

Involving the LT Industry

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Pret-a-LLOD Taxonomy Workshop @ LT-Innovate in Brussels The Language Technology Industry Summit is Europe’s major event showcasing the latest developments in multilingual ambient intelligence: speech interaction, deep meaning processing and multilingual communication & cognition. This is where a joint workshop of the projects “European Language Grid” and “Pret-a-LLOD” kick of…

Initial Workshop on the Language Technology Market and Components Taxonomy

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In the course of the projects European Language Grid ( and Pret-a-LLOD ( a taxonomic description of fields, subdomains, techniques, solutions, components and entities is needed to foster exchange and interaction of the European Language Technology Sector – in both – research and industry. In a joint effort, the mentioned…

Visit the new conference on Language Technologies

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We invite submissions to the first European Language Services Industry Forum, to be held in Karlsruhe, Germany in September 2019. This forum aims at bringing together researchers from across disciplines concerned with the development of language data and services and the industries consuming them. Language technologies increasingly rely on large amounts…

Survey: Your Business Expertise on the Language Technology Market needed!

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The H2020 project on Language Technologies “Prêt-à-LLOD” has started this January. The aim of the project is to provide resources and services for the growing European LT market. We start this research with a needs and business analysis to focus on the solutions we are providing for organisations and companies…