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LDK Conference, Leipzig

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Language, Data and Knowledge is a bi-annual conference series on matters of human language technology, data science, and knowledge representation, initiated in 2017 by a consortium of researchers from NUIG, GUF and the University of Leipzig, two of which are Prêt-à-LLOD partners. It has been supported by an international Scientific Committee of leading researchers in Natural Language Processing, Linked Data and Semantic Web, Language Resources and Digital Humanities.

The second edition of the LDK conference was hosted by the Institut für Angewandte Informatik (InfAI) in Leipzig, Germany and co-organized by the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and the Applied Computational Linguistics Lab (ACoLi). 

LDK Conference

In a biennial cycle, LDK conferences aim at bringing together researchers from across disciplines concerned with the acquisition, curation and use of language data in the context of data science and knowledge-based applications. With the advent of the Web and digital technologies, an ever increasing amount of language data is now available across application areas and industry sectors, including social media, digital archives, company records, etc. The efficient and meaningful exploitation of this data in scientific and commercial innovation is at the core of data science research, employing natural language processing and machine learning methods as well as semantic technologies and knowledge graphs.

As in previous years, LDK 2019 features a number of collocated satellite events dedicated to the conference topics. This includes the 13th DBpedia community meeting, the 2nd Shared Task on Translation Inference Across Dictionaries (TIAD), a workshop of the W3C Ontology Lexica Community and Business Group and a tutorial on historical text reuse (TRACER).

In total, 43 papers were submitted and reviewed by 88 reviewers. Typically, at least 3 reviews per paper resulted in 26 accepted papers. As a novel feature, LDK-2019 had a special track for short abstracts on latest developments to be presented as posters during the conference. However, these are not subject to the proceedings and will be published separately. The proceeding were published through Dagstuhl Publishing’s OASICs series and are available at the following URL:

The conference programme additionally encompasses invited talks on Mapping the Lexicons of Signs and Words by Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton University), and on Annotations and Web Tables: Underexploited Semantic Nuggets on the Web? by Christian Bizer (Mannheim University), as well as on The Sorbian languages by Eduard Werner (University of Leipzig). 

In the context of LDK 2019, Thierry Declerck (DFKI) and John McCrae (NUIG) organized a poster track, inviting for submissions on all research topics that are related to language, data and knowledge, including, but not restricted to most recent developments, future directions or updates to established approaches within the scope of LDK-2019. We were happy to receive 12 abstracts, each reviewed by 3 reviewers. 9 abstracts were accepted and are included in a standalone CEURS proceedings (, in an extended form (see Declerck and McCrae (2019)). The topics addressed by the posters were related to Digital Humanities and Lexicography, with a focus on Linked Data.

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