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1st International Conference on the European Industry on Language Technology
co-located with SEMANTICS 2019

September 9, 2019, Karlsruhe, Germany

Why should I attend?

You will learn the latest tools, trends and developments from first hand. Top experts will show how to use most advanced language tools in different use cases to create real added value for your processing workflows. The following important aspects of the language technology stack will be covered:

  • Vocabularies and Interfaces: unification of access to language resources and services.
  • Transformation into and between representations: improve interoperability and ease the consumption of resources.
  • Workflow management: higher portability using Docker and improved metadata transparency, sustainability and re-usability through declarative metadata firmly grounded in Semantic Web standards
  • Linking: enriched interlinked data yielding more added value for the services.
  • Search: novel linking and data integration techniques providing federated search across many different repositories built using different standards and for different purposes, improving the discoverability of language resources.

You will meet many new people from your own domain, but also beyond your professional boundaries. This diversity will awaken your creativity and open up new opportunities. We won’t let you leave without seeing and enjoying Karlsruhe. The social events will be fun.